The Beta: Before and After

The wave 2 cards are finalized and available for download, so I thought it would be interesting to look at how far we came during the beta. For this blog, I grabbed the oldest iteration of each wave 2 master I could find and put it next to its finalized version. This doesn’t include upgrades or supporting models, but it gives a good general sense of how each master developed, and gives some of you a glimpse behind the curtain at iterations that never even made it into the public beta. It’s surprising how little some of them changed, and others were rewritten entirely. It just goes to show how much the beta accomplished! (I would suggest opening these with Adobe Reader)


Lucius Before the Beta

Lucius After the Beta

Hoffman Before the Beta

Hoffman After the Beta


Jack Daw Before the Beta

Jack Daw After the Beta

Hamelin Before the Beta

Hamelin After the Beta

Leveticus Before the Beta

Leveticus After the Beta


Kirai Before the Beta

Kirai After the Beta

Molly Before the Beta

Molly After the Beta

Ten Thunders

McCabe Before the Beta

McCabe After the Beta

Yan Lo Before the Beta

Yan Lo After the Beta

Shenlong Before the Beta

Shenlong After the Beta


Colette Before the Beta

Colette After the Beta

Ironsides Before the Beta

Ironsides After the Beta

Kaeris Before the Beta

Kaeris After the Beta


Collodi Before the Beta

Collodi After the Beta

Dreamer Before the Beta

Dreamer After the Beta


Mah Tucket Before the Beta

Mah Tucket After the Beta

Ulix Before the Beta

Ulix After the Beta

Wong Before the Beta

Wong After the Beta


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