Wyrd Miniatures: This is the main page for Wyrd, the company that makes Malifaux. If you’ve never heard of them, odds are you never found this blog in the first place.

Pull My Finger: A Pretty cool Malifaux tactics wiki (I might have named it. Shut up, it seemed like a good idea at the time).

Guessing Zero: A good general gaming podcast and website.

Malifools: An Awesome Malifaux podcast.

Cheated Fates: Another awesome Malifaux podcast!

Through the Breach: A favorite Malifaux podcast.

Playing It Pink: A great Malifaux blog!

Malibites: A 15-20 minute podcast about Malifaux, great for new people.

Quest For Fun: The owner of my old LGS in the bay area runs a blog with some amazing insight into the gaming industry.


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